9. At the end of summer


At the end of this summer, the hottest in the past 126 years, my face became red and swollen, after a long time,

It's been a long time since I've had an explosion that my skin  hot, dry and peeling off, that my usual face powder couldn't cover it at all.

Symptoms also spread to the neck and fingers,


Eating too much ice cream?


Disorder of life during summer vacation?


The reason for this is that atopic dermatitis, as its name suggests, is mysterious and elusive! I can't think of any clear reason for it.

(The word "atopy" comes from the Greek word ATOPOS , which means "strange," "mysterious," or "elusive.")


For a while, the exudate from the wound on my neck didn't stop,

I started cleaning up the flakes that fell on my futon every day.

Until now, it has gotten cooler and then the heat come back, so I sometimes get itching from the heat while sleeping.

"As the affected area worsens and improves over and over again, the skin and the patient themselves gradually become stronger. That's how it works."

As Dr. Kimata said, I am slowly improving.


The red and swollen face will subside after about a week.

What is clearly different from before is that

・Wounds heal easier and faster

・The skin peels off, but it is thin like a sunburned, and not easily scarred.

・It goes back and forth, but it is easy to feel improvement

・It can get worse again due to some trigger, but the progress is easy to predict.


However, when the symptoms become severe, I feel depressed, thinking, ``Despite all the treatment I have received, I am afraid that I will never get better.''

When I spoke with the clinic staff, I heard that during this period, there were quite cases of recurrence in patients who had not had any symptoms for a while.


I myself cannot pinpoint the cause, but I once again think that the prolonged intense heat was a major source of stress. (I don't like air conditioning either)

When I feel depressed or tired, I try to take a break.

After a while, I can feel better, and this important message comes back that the patient can also become stronger .

It takes a lot of mental stress, so I feel like once I get through this, I'll recover faster.


There may be times when symptoms suddenly appear again in the future, but I want to be able to find the way to improve and deal with them each time.



Team Kimata's method