▪️Team Kimata's method

``Kimata Hajime Clinic is a specialized allergy department, aiming fundamental treatment for atopic dermatitis, supporting patients in safe topical steroids withdrawal.''

Many patients come to our clinic every day with the aim of steroid withdrawal, and most patients have a history of steroid or moisturizer use.

It is clinically known that rebound in atopic dermatitis is not only caused by steroids and Protopic, but also by dependence on moisturizers.

Steroids and Protopic are “immunosuppressants”

and were not originally created to treat atopic dermatitis.

"Immunosuppressants" are drugs used to treat autoimmune diseases such as rheumatism and to prevent rejection reactions that occur when receiving organ transplants. Therefore, it is used as a temporary medicine for symptomatic treatment.


Bacterial and viral infections often associated with atopic dermatitis

For patients who visit the Hajime Kimata Clinic, we conduct a bacterial culture test to check whether the wound is infected with infection. It is clinically known that long-term use of immunosuppressants such as steroids and moisturizers leads to a decline in the skin's immune and barrier functions, leading to infections.

At the clinic, we treat infections as necessary, and the first choice for fundamental treatment is to cover the wound with medical grade non-woven gauze Bambus. We aim to restore the skin's original function.


Causes of atopic dermatitis and “Fundamental Cure”

It is also known that the symptoms of atopic dermatitis are exacerbated by the involvement of allergens , poor eating habits , and stress .

The intestinal environment deteriorates from both diet and stress. We recognize that improving your eating habits is important for recovery.

Improving the intestinal environment is very important.


If you treat atopic dermatitis caused by multiple causes by simply applying steroids to suppress the inflammation, it will not lead to a complete cure.

We believe that it is dangerous to use steroids for atopic dermatitis also for infant eczema, as they are associated with complications and very serious side effects.

We advise to discontinue all use during treatment as it may not lead to a fundamental treatment and may even be a factor in worsening the condition.

At the clinic, we work with each patient to confirm the cause and background of each patient from various perspectives using a medical questionnaire.


▪️At the start of treatment 

The standard treatment (guidelines) allows the use of steroids and Protopic, and in recent years, Dupixent (genetically recombinant formulation) and JAK inhibitors have been approved. Reports of serious side effects continue to emerge with these drugs.

The use of moisturizers is also recommended for prevention.

There are many patients, who believed in such drugs, 

I was surprised because I thought it was okay as it is an approved drug, I didn't know about the side effects, I thought it was a safe and good drug, etc.

They find out for the first time that their old habits and addictions were the cause of their deterioration, and many find it difficult to understand the clinic's policies at the beginning of treatment.


Atopic business all over the place

Some have been living with folk remedies without using steroids, but have not gotten better, and some have tried Chinese herbal medicine and supplements. Some people spend thousands of yen every month and end up developing severe infections and complications other than atopic dermatitis.

There are very few people who choose other treatments after fully understanding why immunosuppressants such as steroids and Protopic are said to be dangerous and why they are afraid of side effects. There are many people with complicated medical histories who have undergone treatment or have tried various health methods.

When you are dependent on something, the path to recovery becomes increasingly long and complicated.

Inspection at first visit

Because the causes of atopic dermatitis are complex and overlap, It is not possible to heal by applying something, or by taking supplements to improve your immunity, and it is not a disease that can be cured by relying on one thing.

Regardless of the use of steroids, etc., the roots of the disease and some of the aggravating factors can already be seen at the time of your first visit, starting with an interview with the staff, an examination by the doctor, and tests.

Guidelines for interview and treatment at first visit

the person's will and understanding

In order to overcome the topical steroids withdrawal symptoms, it is necessary to have a strong will to not go back to steroids, and to understand that when withdrawal symptoms accompanied by rebound appear, it is a process in which the metabolism of something that has been suppressed has begun.

Don't be impatient

In order to maintain a strong will to TSW, you must face your past, accept what is happening to your body now, and understand ``drug damage.'' And I is about having hope for recovery, knowing that you can improve yourself.

Don't be impatient with yourself or those around you. Through treatment, symptoms will always improve one by one as time goes on.

The expectations of those around them can actually push the patient into a corner and put pressure on them. It is also important for you and your family to clearly communicate this information to your workplace, school, etc. so that they can gain understanding and cooperation.


▪️Toward healing

There are many factors that worsen atopic dermatitis, including the influence of food allergies, environmental factors, stress, and hormones, so it is important to eliminate unnecessary things from your life.

Our support staff listens to the voices of the patient's body and works closely with them. Every day at the clinic, I see patients' bodies, skin, and emotions improving.

back and forth

Docter Kimata says to patients who are experiencing repeated ups and downs, ``As the affected area repeatedly worsens and improves, both the skin and the patient themselves will gradually become stronger. That's how it works.''

The accumulated substances are excreted from the body as inflammation, and are gradually excreted through urine and stool.

team kinata

Kimata method, safely and reliably withdraws from steroids, treats atopic dermatitis and allergies itself. This is based on many years of treatment experience as an allergist and clinical research.

Support staff will also be on hand to help patients release their dependence. Team Kimata provides guidance based on clinical research.


Don't deny it, be positive

Some of you may feel a heavy responsibility for having used steroids.

However, It would be good if you could start working on it positively, without attacking or denying yourself or anyone around you, no matter what stage you are in.