We, Medi-Fusion Co.,Ltd.,  are

A medical services company cooperate with an allergy clinic that does not use steroids nor Protopic to treat atopic patients.

As to support the treatment of the clinic, we aim to care the patient  totally, to choose goods for their body system, to support the progress. 

We deliver products which showed good result, having been studied and repeatedly used for each patient, 




Medhi's Birth Flower Lily Opstage


We do not agree to use immunosuppressants such as steroids and Protopic for atopic dermatitis, such as infantile eczema.

The phytotoxicity caused by long-term application is very serious, and rebound symptoms due to drug discontinuation require professional treatment and support.

At the Hajime Kimata Clinic (Osaka), We are treating atopic dermatitis without using steroids, protopics, moisturizers, etc.

We develop and sell products while confirming clinical usefulness from patients.

■Team Kimata Method

In addition to that, we would support the way of conservation of nature, and cultural assets, that make our life richer, and would keep trying to make good circulation, one by one.



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