8. Hard Summer



In the first summer after I started topical steroid withdrawal treatment, sweating was a terrible stimulus, and I felt a stinging pain. So I kept myself in the air conditioned room, covering my skin with Bamboo non woven gauze.

Having heard good to go into the sea, so I tried it once, but it was too soring and seemed a little too early.


The next year, my skin, which had no scars in the spring, was damaged by the humidity when it got hot.

The face was swollen again, and the back of the elbow, the fingers, the wrist, sometimes become wet wounds.


It made me remember that I often got eczema in the summer when I was a kid, too."

When in Europe with less humidity, skin troubles were less likely to occur even in summer.

It was not the first summer, being attacked by the heat and humidity. It is indeed trouble some season for me, here in Japan.


The tingling from sweating subsided after a while, but it was still painful and my neck had often scratches.

However, it was relief that I was able to realize that my recovery was getting faster.


The area around my eyes also swelled easily, but since it was the summer of wearing a mask for a while, I wore it deep to cover it.


This year, I don't have to wear a mask anymore, and this time, the air conditioning is drying me out.


The soft skin under my eyes, which used to be protected by a mask, sometimes gets itchy due to sweat, but I've overcome it by gently wiping it with a care cloth .


TSW treatment is so hard all year round, but I still have a hard time in summer.

In particular, I struggle to find the best temperature to control the air conditioner before going to sleep.


Especially for those who have just started TSW treatment, I hope you can spend a relaxing and cool time.


When I looked back on how I spent my first summer, I somehow found MY Favorite from old time artists, and seems to be enjoying the time, anyhow.


I hope that you will not try to force yourself to enjoy the summer, but rather take it easy.