2. To start, moisturizing free

The topical steroids has become not as effective as they used to be.

But I knew prescribed steroids would get stronger and stronger, so I used only the weakest one, even they were less effective.

Maybe because of my age, I was no longer gaining weight easily comparing to before. My body odor seems to be diminishing, that made me feel like I'm withering away.


When after I rubbed and scratched my skin by itchy, It got  unbearably soar and painful,  that I had never experienced before. Then, I had no choice but to quickly apply steroids to get rid of it.

Also, even if I scratched a little, it became a scratch or wound immediately, which really surprised me.

The skin on my neck became thinner and stretched a lot when I pulled it.


At that time, the symptoms were mainly on the face,

I had a lump-like red bump under my nose that didn't heal easily, and my forehead and around my eyes were red, hot, and dry.


For caring atopic dermatitis, it is always said to wash cleanly and moisturize immediately, maybe within 5 minutes.

So I couldn't let moisturizing cream go.


The beginning of treatment at Hajime Kimata Clinic were

・No moisturizing

・Not taking a bath


It was actually making sense, after taking bath or shower, the skin get dry soon and it causes irritation, so I had to moisturize repeatedly.


To revive the skin and get its original power back.

By excessive moisturizing and steroids use, my skin has become easily damaged, even with little scratch.

It was the first time I'd heard of it, but was such convincing explanation.



Then, I underwent a prick test to identify allergens that cause itching.