3. Prick test


There are so many things that cause allergy, and I had several types of possible allergen to test.

Based on Dr Kimata's long experience, he selects which he thinks to be.

(There are 4 places in the photo, but I had it more to find allergens.)


Apart from the allergen such as dust mite which I was already aware of, I was so surprised that wheat showed positive.


I've always liked bread, and had no problem without rice when abroad.

Ever since I learned about the effects of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear accident at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, I have been aware of the importance of eating Japanese diet, but I still love bread and eat it often.

However,  I remember when I ate homemade bread made with natural yeast, I suddenly felt sleepy, and this may have been a sign.


The allergens that cause reactions has been changing as the skin condition improves.

While taking the prescribed medicine to prevent the rebound symptoms from becoming too severe, the steroid withdrawal finally begins.

Wheat-free dietIt was surprisingly painless.