7. Healing story


After the very first moon face calmed down, my skin remained stiff, with deep wrinkles and redness, hard dryness, skin peeling off flakely, itching for a long time, and slowly, slowly improved.

In particular, the redness and itchiness on my forehead remained for a long time. It was also a place where I often applied steroids.


The next most noticeable symptoms were on my fingers.

Like the first symptoms around the mouth, it seemed that the symptoms appeared in the order in which the steroids were applied most recently.

I remembered when my hands became rough by increased washing work, being prescribed steroids again.


The wound was moist and itchy, so I covered it with the non-woven gauze from the clinic, that really saved me.

After using non-woven gauze, my wounds dried quickly, and I felt secure that even if I scratched them, they would heal quickly.


After a while, the small scratches on my inner thighs and forearms appeared, and more and more desquamations remained on the futon. (I never used steroids there)

Every morning, the futon was vacuumed, and the floor was often cleaned.

Along the way, with some changes in the environment, my scalp became sore due to stress and It couldn't stop exuding, but the non-woven gauze always helped me.



At first, Just sweating was unbearable for my skin, so that I sometimes jumped out from the dining shivering. 

Sweating is basically good for the skin, and I became to be able to cope with it, slowly.

The humidity before it gets hot and the summer time was really tough, and I was helped by non-woven gauze when I tore my skin up.


A year passed, and in the first spring, I had almost no scars for the first time, temporarily.

After that, the skin areas where the symptoms appeared, such as the back of my elbows and neck, continued to move, it was like going back and forth.

I started to have a positive feeling that I was working to "restore the original strength of my body" during the COVID-19, and the pain of telling people that I am undergoing TSW had disappeared gradually.



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