5. Early rebound


As soon as I stopped applying steroids, my face started to swell.

My nose line between eyes disappeared, and I looked like an alien in SF movie. I learned it was called MoonFace later.

       I was prepared, but I couldn't go out looking like this, and I was worried that my young daughter might not like it.

But after staring at me for a while, I was relieved to see that she treated me as usual. 

Moon face, I got to know this word, later on,


This was not the first time I'd been in this state; After over worked in a harsh workplace, I experienced it as soon as I went on vacation, and had to take steroid tablets, although I hadn't used topical steroids in a long time. It was recommended by doctor, and I had no choice but to take it. 


For the treatment at Hajime Kimata Clinic this time, I was not able to go to the clinic frequently because of my work.

I reported my symptoms to the support staff, and they really  supported me at any time and gave me advice.


"First, relax. The symptoms will definitely subside, so try taking it easy."

“Your body has already started to improve”

At that time, their advise sounded like singing in the sky, for me.


I wrapped my unbearably irritated skin, with a bamboo care cloth and non-woven gauze which I received at the clinic, and tried to breathe deeply. It was the irritation, with which I used to apply steroids immediately.


After a while, to my surprise, the tingling sensation went away, and I somehow managed to overcome it.


The allergy medicine I received from the clinic was not strong and was prescribed so that the symptoms would not become too severe.

At the same time, I also started drinking tea to help detox naturally.

Persimmon leaf tea and Dandelion tea.

I drank these casually instead of my usual tea.

When I'm working, I often drink coffee, but about half of it, I had the tea I bought at the clinic.


The moon face calmed down about 1 to 2 weeks, gradually.

But my skin was rough, stiff and red, with deep wrinkles, swollen eyes, swollen lips, and the skin peeling many times.

I put on a mask and a hat to protect my skin.

It was a strange style, but I think it was a little easier because I could hide my terribly rough skin.

Also, by protecting it, the life became easier to spend, with less stimulation on the skin.

After a while, the lips calmed down, and the parts where the symptoms appeared gradually changed.



care cloth

non-woven gauze

persimmon leaf tea

dandelion tea