4. Family understanding


My first memory of having eczema was when I was in elementary school. On the back of the elbow and the knee during the hot summer months.


I had asthma when I was little, and I was told that when I had asthma, the eczema went away, and when I had eczema, I didn't have asthma, and so on.


There were many times when I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night and called my mother to rub my back.

It seems that it was temporary as it was gone by the time I was in the upper grades of elementary school.


 In my third year of junior high school, I badly scratched  backside elbow, because of some stress. There, I remember the disgusted look on my mother's face when she saw my wound.

God, you have to get well soon! 


I understand her, having daughter myself, and when my precious daughter is not feeling well, my heart aches.

And it is the honest feeling of a parent who cares about their child.

But, I can now say that kids are so sensitive to the disappointment of their parents.

It was "not good" to have rough skin.



My mother was the first one who reacted the most when she saw my swollen face.

Will it really heal? ?

This must be a sincere and honest feeling for the person who has stepped out of steroids and for those around him or her.

And the words, the person in treatment doesn't want to hear the most.

However, to answer her, and people around me who worried,


"It's okay, I decided to take it, and it heals in earnest soon!"


I could say so, because the clinic's support team was there. When I felt uneasy or didn't like it anymore, they always listened to me, encouraged, supported, and gave me advise.


During the first cherry blossom season, I went out to see the cherry blossoms with my family.

There, I found out that my daughter was embarrassed to be with me, wearing deeply a mask and a hat to protect skin, only her eyes can be seen, looking wired.


If I don't cure it now, my body will become weak, so please wait a little longer.


I have explained this to my daughter several times.