1. Through steroid withdrawal treatment -beginning-



"Please just accept yourself, you have also had positive results by applying Steroids, until now.

So, it's OK. ”

Knowing it's not good, I have put it to surpass the atopic symptoms.

The first message I received in the waiting room of Hajime Kimata Clinic was so warm, so I felt relieved, almost like start crying. .



Don't use Steroids, they are not good for you,

Instead, this lotion is good,

This esthetic works,

Herbal medicine, acupuncture, supplements, homeopathy...



When it comes to atopic dermatitis, many people are really kind to give various suggestions. 

But I was always feeling essences of threat or imposing.


Dermatologists always prescribe Steroids or Protopic ointment.

Even at a clinic of Chinese medicine, I ended up being recommended Steroids again, so I was exhausted, feeling so guilty for using Steroids. 


 The treatment method of Hajime Kimata Clinic was convincing.

When coming to the stage of actual treatment start, I remembered the summer in my late 20s, only wearing long sleeves and long pants to hide the rough skin through the season, which was first time for me to stop using steroids,


Oh my god,  I am starting something really hard again...


I had to make up my mind.